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A T6963C controlled LCD Display

PBP code for the above is availablehere . The interface consists of a PIC 16F877 20Mhz using a Sharp LM24014 display module, the code can be easily modified to use with other displays that are controlled by the Toshiba T6963C controller. The code is written completely in MELabs’ PIC Basic Pro ver 2.32

Revision 3 is a -15v adapter for use with the Sed1330 and T6963C

240x64 T6963 LCD or 256x128 SED1330 Adapter for the GLiPIC board

The adapter provides the LCD contrast negative voltage, since most T6963 displays do not have onboard negative voltage available.The Revision 3 adapter supplies -15v and can be  used with either the T6963C or the Sed1330 controller based large LCD displays. The adapter uses a Max637 voltage convertor

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