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After over 35 years of development and helping other designers and engineers, The Workbench site will be closing due to age and retirement of members. Sales of certain items in stock will continue until depleted. The basic site will remain open for some time for item documentation. If you have any special request please email.

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The Workbench is the development playground of CompSys and was started  by myself, Ranjit Diol, and my partner, Mike Bergen.. Mike and I, have home-based workshop areas. Mike fondly calls his the Geekatorium and mine, which is in the basement, is better known as the Mole Hole. This web site provides us a common area to share our stuff. The COMPSys Workbench is not a company per-se, rather it is a very small group of enginners/hobbyists who have regular jobs and work in a variety of areas and tinker with micro projects in their spare time. The Workbench provides an area for experimenting. When a project seems worthy of providing assistance to other developers it is posted on the website and a limited amount of printed circuit boards/kits are made. All funds received are put back in to the development pool to covers costs of parts, tools, software, on-going projects, website etc.

Our prime operating systems are Windows NT,W2K and Linux. However, we have experimented quite a bit with others, such as, BeOS, QNX. Our ‘playground projects’ are mainly Microchip (TM) PIC based, along with a few that use the Motorola HC11 and Atmel AVR’s. We have tinkered with virtually every PIC programming language that the pocketbook could afford! Melabs PicBasicPro is our staple diet followed Crownhill’s Proton+ and CCS’s PCWH. For AVR development Mark Albert’s BASCOMAvr is excellent


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