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GLTools Ver 1.5

Load or create BMP images and then transfer them directly to the LCD or external eeprom. It also creates a user configurable text file of the output. It includes graphic tools to design your  own images. More than one image can be saved to the external eeprom by setting the appropriate address. LCDs with either a horizontal or vertical byte matrix can be used. This app was  specifically written for use with the GLiPIC controller board and the appropriate PIC firmware. Currently I have PICBasicPro demo code for a 256x128 SED1330 display available. KS0108 and T6963C code will be  available soon.

GLTools Ver 1.5 The zipped file (324kb) can be downloaded here

Demo PIC Firmware for the GLiPIC board using a SED1330 256x128 LCD is available here.

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