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Graphic LCD

Interfaced to a Microchip PIC 16F877 mcu

Objective: To construct an inexpensive Graphic LCD display unit

Displays Tested: Samsung KS0108, and Toshiba T6963C controller based graphic LCD’s

Development Tools: PIC 16F877, MELab’s EPIC and Proto Boards, Dontronic’s SimmStick boards, Microchip ICD, Magenta’s IceBreaker

Development Languages: MELab’s PIC Basic Pro, CCS PCM,  and Microchip assembly

A prototype interface

KS0108 128x64

SED 256x128

The compact GLiPIC board

Designed for use with KS0108 Graphic LCD controllers, however it can be used as a general purpose controller. It houses a 20MHz 16F877, Max232, 24LC256 I2C eeprom and an LM7805  regulator

T6963C 240x64 and Sharp LM24014 Display

PBP Code available

KS1080 Information

T6963C Information

PIC16F876 to MMC Interface Project

The MMC prototype

The original MMC development board. For the latest MMC/SD board click here.

RS232 General purpose adapter.

A tiny RS232 adapter using a Max233A. Use for connecting microcontrollers to PCs or other terminals. Schematic

PCB shown on the right available as a kit or bare pcb.

Max233A RS232 Schematic

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