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Another TCP/IP project....

This project is designed to allow one to communicate with a microcontroller remotely over a LAN or the Internet without any additional hardware. All that would be required is a TCP/IP server running on a PC which is connected to a LAN or the Internet. The microcontroller would communicate with the PC over a standard RS232 connection using  the PC’s serial port.

The scheme of things.....

MCU serial to PC

Internet/LAN connection

I have the preliminary Windows TC/IP server app written (done with Borland’s Delphi 6) and will make the beta available as soon as I get it semi-polished up.

The first problem I faced was my dial-up connection! DSL or Broadband isn’t available in our area nor will it be for a few more years. Since, this mcu-internet connection relies on a  known (or static) IP address when the PC is connected to the Internet, I had to write another small Windows app that would detect the dial-up connections ‘outside’ IP number and then FTP it to the COMPsys web site.  This number is then available for telnet or web page connections.

I have a test web page setup which will connect to my PC. If the Windows TCP/IP app is running and a microcontroller is programmed to talk to it serially the web page will send the  microcontroller ‘commands’ and display the results. All of this will only materialize if my PC is online! My ‘server’ PC is on Eastern Standard Time and is online most evenings and  weekends.

The Window’s server is multithreading (meaning that more than one person can connect to it). However, the MCU-to-PC connection is not, this may result is some peculiar output.

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