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$59.00 kit w/1 adapter (no LCD)

GLI2 - The new GL series 20Mhz controller board. Same compact size as the original GLI board but has an on-board -15v power supply to drive LCD panels up to 256x128 in size. Low cost adapters available for most of the popular graphic controller LCD displays, such as the SED1330, T6963C, KS0108, and the HD61202. Uses a PIC16F877 mcu, Max233 serial transceiver, 24LC256 I2C eeprom, a Max637 voltage booster and an LM7805 voltage regulator. The controllerís PORTA and PORTB pins are available for other uses and are brought to pin outs for easy connections. Requires 7-20v DC power supply.

GLI2 Controller is supplied with one LCD adapter (5 adapters to choose from)

GLI2 Adapters available (each has a trim pot for the LCD contrast) shown with their pin outs

More adapters will be added as the availability of different economical graphic LCDs becomes possible. If you already have a graphic LCD display and if its connections match any of the the adapters below then it can possibly be used with the GLI2 board, but may require some programming changes.


  1. GND
  2. GND
  3. 5v+
  4. Vo
  5. RES
  6. /RD
  7. /WR
  8. /CS
  9. A0
  10. DB0
  11. DB1
  12. Db2
  13. DB3
  14. DB4
  15. DB5
  16. DB6
  17. DB7
  18. N/C
  19. 5v
  20. GND


  1. /CS1
  2. /CS2
  3. GND
  4. 5v
  5. Vo
  6. D/I
  7. R/W
  8. E
  9. DB0
  10. DB1
  11. DB2
  12. Db3
  13. DB4
  14. DB5
  15. DB6
  16. DB7
  17. RST
  18. Vee
  19. 5v
  20. GND


  1. 5v
  2. GND
  3. Vo
  4. DB0
  5. DB1
  6. DB2
  7. DB3
  8. DB4
  9. DB5
  10. DB6
  11. DB7
  12. CS1
  13. CS2
  14. RST
  15. R/W
  16. D/I
  17. E
  18. VeeC
  19. 5v
  20. GND


  1. GND
  2. 5v
  3. Vo
  4. D/I
  5. R/W
  6. E
  7. DB0
  8. DB1
  9. DB2
  10. DB3
  11. DB4
  12. Db5
  13. DB6
  14. DB7
  15. CS1
  16. CS2
  17. RES
  18. Vee
  19. 5v
  20. GND

Adapters also sold separately for $10 each


  1. GND
  2. GND
  3. 5v+
  4. Vo
  5. WR
  6. RD
  7. CE
  8. C/D
  9. N/C
  10. RST
  11. DB0
  12. Db1
  13. DB2
  14. DB3
  15. DB4
  16. DB5
  17. DB6
  18. DB7
  19. FS
  20. N/C

Complete Kits with adapter and LCD for only $98.00 --- Choose from any of the three listed below

GLI21330K - Seiko-Epson SED1330 controlled 256x128 LCD (no back light)

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GLI26963K - Toshiba T69693C  controlled 240x64 LCD (no back light)

GLI2K08K - Samsung KS0108 controlled 128x64 LCD (with back light)

Demo firmware and docs*

*Existing firmware for the original GLiPIC board will be converted and be made available as soon as the code changes are made to accomodate the new GLI2 board

The GLI2 board uses different mcu pin assignments than the original GLiPIC board therefore all firmware written for the GLiPIC board will have to be re-compiled with the pin assignment changes. beyond that, no other changes on code should be required.

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Microchip PICDEM USB dev board -- like new! $95.00

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Shown with GL2AD6963 adapter mounted.

Changes in pin assignments between original GLiPIC board and the GLI2 board

Hyundai 256x128 SED1330
Function   GLIPIC   ------  GLI2
gl_dat     PORTD    ------  PORTD      
gl_a0      PORTC.0  ------  PORTE.2  
gl_rd      PORTB.2  ------  PORTC.1    
gl_wr      PORTC.1  ------  PORTC.2  
gl_cs      PORTC.2  ------  PORTC.5  
gl_rst     PORTB.1  ------  PORTC.0

Sharp or Sanyo 240x64 T6963C
Function   GLIPIC   ------  GLI2
gl_dat     PORTD    ------  PORTD
gl_wr      PORTB.1  ------  PORTC.0
gl_rd      PORTB.2  ------  PORTC.1
gl_ce      PORTC.1  ------  PORTC.2
gl_cd      PORTC.2  ------  PORTC.5
gl_rst     PORTC.0  ------  PORTE.2
gl_fs      PORTC.5  ------  PORTE.1

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Updated on:

September 14, 2003 

NanYa 128x64 KS0108
Function   GLIPIC   ------  GLI2
gl_dat     PORTD    ------  PORTD
gl_e       PORTC.0  ------  PORTC.2
gl_cd      PORTC.1  ------  PORTC.0
gl_rw      PORTC.2  ------  PORTC.1
gl_rst     PORTC.5  ------  PORTC.5
gl_cs1     PORTB.1  ------  PORTE.2
gl_cs2     PORTB.2  ------  PORTE.1

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