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Shown mounted on the back of a 2 line LCD

Development board with a programmable PIC16F872 for serial 1 wire connection.Use with 1,2,3 or 4 line displays. Four line character LCD shown on the left.

Shown assembled with optional 5v power supply regulator (Input 7-16vdc). Very compact. Only 1.25x1.5" in size

Can be mounted on the back of most displays that have  1x14 or 2x7 pin connections. Operates on 5v supply or with the optional 5v on-board regulator (7-16vdc IN). The firmware in the PIC16F872  microcontroller can be re-programmed via the provided ICSP header. A programmer such as MELab's EPIC Plus board can be used with a ribbon cable. Source code, written in PICBasicPro for the firmware is available. This allows the user to modify or re-write the code to suit their needs.Five I/O pins are available. These pins can be controlled via commands sent serially.

RS232 data can be configured for TRUE, such as a PC com port connection, or TTL INVERTED, when connecting to another microcontroller or TTL serial device. Baud rate can be  selected via jumpers. Possible rates are 1200,2400,9600 and 19200 baud. 19200 baud may not be possible in all cases. Special commands can be sent to the LCD to display any character (0 to 255) in its CGRam. The user  can also design and load upto 8 custom characters. The firmware includes 8 custom characters which can be altered as required. All standard HD44780 commands can be sent serially to the display.

The board is provided assembled (without regulator option) and the mcu programmed with CLCD Ver 1.0 firmware when shipped. As shown on the right. Source code is also  available for non-commercial use. The bare board with an installed blank 16F872 is also available for those who want to build and program their own board. The PIC is easily programmed via a 1x5 header.  Any IDC ribbon cable can be used to connect it directly to MELab’s EPIC programmer.

PCB w/mounted blank 16F872

CLCD1 which includes the user installable 5v power regulator,caps and headers

For documentation, firmware source code, or any other updates click here.

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