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MMC I/O Windows application

This text above was written in the MMC I/O editor and then sent directly to the MMC conntected to the COMPSys MMC3KF development board from which it is read. The MMC I/O application operates  at 19200 baud with software handshaking. Data is sent to the MMC in blocks of 512 bytes, temporarily stored in an external FRAM (eeprom) in pages of 64 bytes. Data is then sent from the eeprom in blocks of 512 bytes  to the MMC. With MMC I/O the user can selectively read/write from/to a particular address on the MMC as long as the address starts at the beginning of the MMC's sector. Data can be read as ASCII values or as  hexadecimal. The PIC software, written in PICBasicPro, receives data in a 64 byte buffer and handles all the MMC operations.


MMC I/O Windows application (zipped file 280kb)

PIC code written in PBP Ver 2.40 here (for the MMSD3X board)

PIC code written in PBP Ver 2.45 here (for the SDMM3X board)

PIC code written in PBP Ver 2.47 here (for the MMSD3F and SDMM3F  boards)

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February 16, 2018 

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