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GLiPIC ( Graphic Lcd interface to a PIC ) Utility

GLiPIC provides an easy method of transferring images to the LCD as well as providing configurable code that can be pasted into your program

Shown with a 128x64 display ( KS0108 based LCD controller) on a prototype interface

Above, the new GLiPIC super compact board. It measures a mere 1.9 x 2.5 inches! It houses a PIC 16F877, Max232, I2C eeprom along with an LM7805 power regulator.

Below, some examples of actual  Glipic ‘art’ - a few are hand drawn directly in GLiPIC while others are bit mapped images (BMP format) loaded into GLiPIC and sent directly to the LCD or external eeprom. A 64 Kbit eeprom can hold up to 8 LCD display pages.

I have some KS0108  beta code available for testing. The files include the Windows GLiPIC application, Windows BINHEX utility, PBP code for glipic, and a couple of alphanumeric sets. I will be posting the terminal applications shortly.

Download all files zipped in GLIPIC.ZIP (80.7kb)

Note: The Windows apps may need some ocx files depending on your system.The complete install packages are available via ftp here as and

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January 29, 2014 

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