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The Workbench is the development playground of CompSys and is managed  by myself, Ranjit Diol, and my partner, Mike Bergen. We both have home-based workshop areas. Mike fondly calls his the Geekatorium and mine, which is in the dark lit basement, is better known as the Mole Hole. This web site provides us a common area to share our stuff. Our prime operating systems are Windows NT and Linux. However, we have experimented quite a bit with others, such as, BeOS, QNX. Our ‘playground projects’ are mainly Microchip (TM) PIC based, along with a few that use the Motorola HC11. We have tinkered with virtually every PIC programming language that the pocketbook could afford! Melabs PicBasicPro is our staple diet.

 CompSys provides small businesses, network and computer services and consultation. We also build computer systems for specific needs and do general debugging of hardware/software problems. We both have ‘regular jobs’ too! I work for a school system as their IT Administrator and Mike works as a Network Systems Administrator, for a home manufacturing firm.

Ranjit Diol

Mike Bergen

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September 14, 2003 

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