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Atmel AT45DB041 DIP14 Carrier with on-board 3v regulator.

Discontinued Item

This item has been discontinued. However, if you have need of an item shown below, please email me just in case there are still some items left over.

Designed for 5volt applications which require large amounts of storage. The Atmel AT45Bxxx dataflash SPI devices can store 2 to 8mbits in an 8pin device. The LM317 provides the 3v volts for the dataflash. The data  lines are 5v tolerant and do not require voltage translation. The AT45B carrier has a standard DIP14 footprint which makes it easy to incorporate in any application. A 4mbit dataflash can store 512kb of data . Data  is arranged in pages. The 4mbit IC has a page size of 264 bytes. High speed I/O is possible since it has two built in buffers to store data before it is transferred to the flash memory.

Top side

Bottom side

Standard DIP 14 footprint

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Demo code written in PICBasicPro v2.43

Discontinued Item

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