T69B LCD Board

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T69B LCD development board kit


A small (1.25"x2.5") LCD interface development board specifically designed for T6963C based LCD's with 2x10 headers for LCDs such as the Optrex DMF5005, Sharp LM24014, Solomon LM6270, Sanyo DG0572 etc. This board makes it very easy for developers to experiment with graphic LCDs since it can mount directly to the LCD via its 2x10 female header. The board includes a PIC microcontroller, an  RS232 interface IC, a 256kb Eeprom for storage and a -15v  variable negative voltage supply for the LCD's display panel. It alsoincludes a 5v regulator. The PIC can be programmed by the developer/user so that the LCD can be used for whatever their design requires. Sample demo code written in PICBasicPro and aslo Proton+ is available at the COMPSys Workbench website in the support section. Sold as a kit, requires soldering . The kit utilizes many surface mount parts


Shown mounted “piggy back” to the back side of a  T6963C based Sharp 240x64 LCD

Designed for T6963C based  LCD  with the following pin configuration (2x10 header).


Assembly documentation available here.

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