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Workbench Robotic Stuff

Still under construction......

Shown mounted on my ALTR-2 robot

The BOTB2 controller board specially designed for robotic projects which require oodles of I/O!

The BOTB2 board was designed for a robotics project that required controlling servos and a variety of sensors.The board can use a 16F876 or 18F252 PIC. Headers are provided for power as well as the PIC’s pins. It has provisions for an RTC (DS1307) clock, a Max232 SOIC, an I2C 24CL256 eeprom, on-board power regulator, power LED, a programming header and several jumpers to enable/disable on-board or external power for devices.

The pcb layout provides easy access to all I/O pins as well as a power supply. Servo cables can be directly connected to the headers. Power rail for devices on Portb and PortA are jumper selectable for either the on-board supply or an external supply (for devices which require more power than the on board LM7805 can handle)


Power LED.

PortA header and power supply rail

Reset button

I2C eeprom for data storage.

PortC header and power supply rail

Reverse voltage protection diode

PIC programming header

PortB header and power supply rail

On board LM7805 power regulator (or an external 5v can be used)

Max232 for RS232 serial I/O

DS1307 RTC clock with pinouts for a battery backup.

Currently only the printed circuit board is available for $ if you are interested.

Other droids in the making......

HUVR-1, a heavy duty “off road” bot.

PLAT-R a large platform bot

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